1 Puerto de Linera

Ascent to the mountain pass of Linera is a challenge. Awaits us several hills with slopes exceeding 20%, rewarded when you reach the pass by the magnificent views of the Sierra Norte de Madrid and Segovia. The routes continue along the Horizontal trail to Cerro de Santuil and descends to the ancient railway station, where … Continue reading 1 Puerto de Linera

2 Ermita de San Mamés

Route No. 2 of the National Park, with IMBA signage. At the beginning take Gallegos trail, which goes through Los Llanos housing states, and follow the Almajanes trail, crossing oak groves with beautiful panoramic over Lozoya Valley and Montes Carpetanos, before descending to San Mamés town and its beautiful hermitage. Returns to Villavieja along the … Continue reading 2 Ermita de San Mamés

3 Braojos y Gascones

Medium-difficulty route to visit Braojos and Gascones town. Leaving Villavieja across Pontones, it goes through the Forestry House of La Tejera and surrounds Cerro de la Cabeza, down to Vadillo’s mill at Trocha’s creek. Continue to Braojos and cross the creek for a second time on the way to Gascones. From there, return to Villavieja … Continue reading 3 Braojos y Gascones

4 La Mesilla y El Espino

Propose an integral route by track, without stepping on asphalt. Going up the hill of Mesilla Hill, enter briefly into the National Park to exit to Matambre Valley and continue along Cerro del Espino mountainside. Then, descend through the pine forest to Roblazgo pastures and continue towards Robles creek, crossing by small footbridge which will … Continue reading 4 La Mesilla y El Espino

5 Pinilla y Navarredonda

The route starts at the ancient Tercio de la Trinidad and goes through the Riosequillo reservoir before reaching Pinilla de Buitrago. Continuing the M-634 road to the heliport, where you take the detour to Navarredonda, first on the road that cross the train tracks and Reimoros area, and then on M-974 road. From Navarredonda return … Continue reading 5 Pinilla y Navarredonda

6 Puerto de Peña Quemada

The route to Peña Quemada pass goes into the magnificent pine forest.  Track up the valley of Buitraguillo’s creek to Santuil Refuge and continue along the track that ascends to mountain pass. From there, by the Horizontal trail continue towards Peña de la Muela, where it descends to Trocha’s creek and crosses it by Vadillo’s … Continue reading 6 Puerto de Peña Quemada

7 Buitrago to Villavieja

If we are in Buitrago del Lozoya, we can access Villavieja Area BTT trails on M-634 road, which has great views. The return, already by roads, will allow us to contemplate the pasture of centennial ashlars of Villavieja, la Espadaña de la Trinidad and the historic Bridge of Cal y Canto, taking again the M-634 … Continue reading 7 Buitrago to Villavieja

8 CiclaMadrid MTB Tour

The cycling ring of the Sierra Norte de Madrid, with Carpetania signaling, runs the Horizontal trail through the Montes Carpetanos. With more than 20 km of route on a height of 1800 m, it offers panoramic views of Lozoya Valley and Somosierra mountain pass, ending in Robregordo town. The link signposted from Villavieja del Lozoya, … Continue reading 8 CiclaMadrid MTB Tour